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Parent Code of Conduct


  • Each swimmer and each parent have different swim expectations which the coaches and board try to recognize. If it appears a swimmer's concerns are not being met, the swimmer must inform the coaches and request to speak to them about the issue. If a parent must become involved in these conversations, he or she must ask the coach for a time to communicate verbally or send an email to the coach about the issue. The coach will make the ultimate decision on when any verbal conversation shall occur. Except in an emergency, parents are requested not to bring concerns to the coaches during a swim meet but instead to bring those concerns to a board member if the issue arises during the swim meet.
  • Absent unusual circumstances, all qualified swimmers and supervising parents are expected to sign up for and attend all meets, home and away. Swimming is a team sport, and in order for the best team atmosphere to thrive, all swimmers are expected to fully participate and support their team. This swim league is not a drop-in type of sport. Failure to show up or to sign up for a meet negatively impacts relay teams and heat placement and lets down fellow swimmers. In the Northwest, we can experience cold, wet weather and difficult traffic, and families must plan to persevere during some meets. We understand that significant events, such as graduations, illness and family emergencies take place, and those events will be accommodated. If an emergency arises, parents can contact the Team Parent and let him or her know they cannot attend a meet. Missing a meet is discouraged, but is not a code of conduct violation unless the swimmer is signed up for the meet and does not show up at the meet to swim. 
  • Each family is absolutely required to fulfill all required volunteer spots each season.  If a parent does not volunteer for the required number of shifts during the season, his or her children will not be given priority for registration the following season. If a parent does not report for his or her volunteer shift and does not arrange for a substitute, there will be a $50 fine and his or her children will not be allowed to swim in any meet until that volunteer work is fulfilled at a later meet. No swim team can thrive or survive without volunteers. 
  • At least one parent or adult acting for a parent is expected to be present for each child at each meet. This requirement is meant to address the safety and good behavior of each swimmer. If a parent or guardian is unable to attend a meet, he or she must request another parent supervise his or her swimmer and advise the Team Parent via email who that parent supervisor will be. This requirement can be waived for swimmers who are 15 & Older, but their families are still required to fulfill their volunteer shifts.
  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana, smoking or vaping of any kind by parents, swimmers and observers is strictly prohibited at any swim meet, including in the parking lot and play area. Alcohol served at away meets by the host team is allowed, following the rules of the host club. No alcoholic beverages, marijuana, smoking or vaping of any kind will be allowed at the Gator pool or in the parking lot or play area.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected at all meets, from parents, swimmers and observers. Any verbal, physical or other confrontations with other swimmers, parents, observers or coaches on any team, will result in immediate discipline and potential removal from the team. If a swimmer experiences confrontation from anyone else, he or she is expected to remove him/herself from the situation and to tell a parent or coach or immediately. The parent shall bring the issue to a board member immediately.
  • Depending on the severity of the situation, failure to follow this code of conduct will result in a warning to the family involved and/or removal from the team with no refund. Failure to follow this code can also negatively impact future participation on the Gators Team.
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