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Parent Responsibilities

Support The Swimmers

Parents are crucial to the success of the Gators. Parents serve as role models for their own and other children, and the swimmers emulate their attitudes. Be aware of this and strive to be a positive role model. Most importantly, show good sportsmanship at all times toward coaches, officials, opponents, and teammates. Remember that you are teaching your child and the other swimmers at all times.

The most important thing you can do as the parent of a swimmer is to love and support your child, both in and out of the pool. This support is a key factor in fostering enjoyment and learning as well as contributing to the child's individual success in the pool. hosts a wealth of information for both parent and swimmer. There are articles on technique, sports psychology, nutrition, rest etc.

Mandatory Volunteer Commitment

The Kingsgate Gators Swim Team is run by volunteers. It succeeds only with parent support; without this support, the program cannot function. All Gator families are expected to share in this responsibility equally and should be prepared to volunteer at every home meet and at least half of all away meets. (Please see Kingsgate Gator website for Volunteer sign up procedures and Meet schedule). It takes a minimum of 60 volunteers to successfully put on a home meet and Midlakes requires that a team provide 1 timer per lane and officials at every away meet including Championship Meets. Below is a list of available volunteer positions and its job description.

Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Procedure

Signing up to volunteer is straight-forward. Volunteer sign-ups are located on our website, Sign in on the site then click on the meet you wish to volunteer for and you will automatically be directed to volunteer options for that meet. Click on which volunteer slots you would like to fill and you will be signed up instantly. The system will let you know which slots are open and which are filled. You will receive a reminder about your volunteer commitment in your email prior to the meet. You are responsible for positions that you sign up for; you may trade with other parents, but it is your responsibility to make sure that position gets filled. You may notify the Team Parent of a trade by email.

Each family is required to sign up for 6 slots during the season, this number can change based on the number of families signed up each season. Failing to meet your volunteer commitment for the entire length of the assigned slot is considered a code of conduct infraction and will be dealt with in a manner outlined above. There will be an additional $50 fee for each missed slot: we cannot run a meet without volunteers so meeting your volunteer commitment is extremely important to the Gators!

Timing: Using a stopwatch to mark a swimmer’s time at both home and away meets. Hospitality/Concessions: Provides concession help (cashier/serving/cooking/clean-up) at home meets.

Runner/Parking: directs home lot parking before the meet (1st half runner); runs timing sheets and stroke and turn sheets to data entry, other tasks as needed by the Head Parent Volunteer, Head Concessions Volunteer, or Starter. Helps with parking lot clean up after the meet (2nd half runner)

Set Up: Involves setting up barriers, setting up computer area, roping off areas, bleachers and other deck set up.

Staging: Helps to organize swimmers behind blocks before races.

Stroke & Turn Judge (requires training): Provides impartial judgment to determine if strokes are performed correctly.

Starter (requires training): Starts swimming events and ensures a fair race.

Announcer: Announces current swim event, those upcoming, and general meet announcements. Creates a fun meet atmosphere.

Awards: Attaches result labels to the back of ribbons in real time through the end of home meets.

Computer/Data Entry (requires training): Inputs all meet information in real time and prints out result labels for awards. Must be trained in Hy-Tek Meet Manager. (Home meets)

Clean up: One clean-up session required per family (home meets). Involves putting away barriers, covering the pool, cleaning up the pool surroundings. 

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