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Swimmer Code of Conduct

Swimmer Code of Conduct

It is expected that all swimmers read and agree to the Swimmer Code of Conduct.

  • All athletes are required to gather on deck quickly and quietly prior to the start of practice.
  • Athletes must be dressed and ready with all needed and appropriate equipment.
  • Athletes must wait patiently and quietly on deck for their coach to start practice.
  • All athletes must act responsibly and respectfully to coaches, staff, teammates and family members at all times.
  • While on the premises, athletes may not engage in any ball play, tag, or running that is not part of practice and/or under the direct supervision of the Coach.
  • Athletes will not engage in any destructive behavior in or around the property. This includes, but may not be limited to, defacing property, damaging personal or pool-owned items, and inappropriate horseplay.
  • Athletes are to get ready for practice quickly and to exit the locker rooms quickly after practice has ended.
  • Athletes waiting to be picked up after practice may wait on deck or in the lobby of the pool. No waiting will be allowed in the locker rooms or in the adjacent outside play area. Athletes waiting to be picked are still subject to the code of conduct.
  • Athletes will refrain from using profanity, having discussions of an inappropriate nature or any otherwise unacceptable behavior.
  • Athletes will behave in a courteous and respectful manner while at the Kingsgate facility, Gator events, and meets.
  • Use of the baby pool is not permitted at any time during practice even if you are a homeowner or pool pass purchaser.
  • While visiting other facilities for meets athletes are to behave in an appropriate, courteous and respectful manner just as they would at the Gator pool.
  • Athletes will not let down their fellow teammates. Unless proper notice has been given, athletes are expected to show up for all meets and/or races, especially those that affect other athletes.
  • Infractions will be dealt with quickly. Below is a general guideline for dealing with infractions. Offenses of a less serious nature may result in verbal warnings while others of a more serious nature may result in an escalation of consequences. This is determined by the coaching staff and Kingsgate Gators Board:

    1st offense – immediate removal from activity
    2nd offense – immediate removal from activity plus 3-day suspension
    3rd offense – may result in dismissal from the team. 

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