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Little Buddies

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The purpose of the Kingsgate Gators Big/Little Buddy Program is to help younger swimmers transition into becoming Gators and to help them and their parents navigate swim meets. The program also fosters team spirit, family and camaraderie by connecting the older swimmers with the younger ones.

Big Buddies are generally 12 & Olders. Little Buddies are 10 & Unders, with a strong emphasis on 8 & Unders or first-year swimmers. Our goal is to have all Little Buddies assisted by Big Buddies at all swim meets.

Big Buddies' specific responsibilities are outlined below.

We will try to have our Buddies matched prior to the Kingsgate Invitational (week before competition begins), so that everyone gets practice at what the Buddy system entails. Both Buddies will be notified of the pairings.

At the end of the season team party, both Big and Little Buddies are encouraged to bring each other a little “something” as a thank you (handmade card, candy, gift card, small toy, etc…).


  • Meets Little Buddy prior to first meet and welcomes them to the Gators (try to do this at Little Buddy's practice). We encourage you to write a short note introducing yourself to the Little Buddy and his/her parents as well.
  • Greets Little Buddy at each meet.
  • Determines Little Buddy events and heats, and writes that info on Little Buddy's arm
  • Gets Little Buddy ready for each race – brings them to the blocks to stage, ensuring their caps and goggles are on
  • Holds towel during race and cheers them on
  • Congratulates them at end of race and gives them their towel, and walks them to their parents (if necessary)
  • Answers any questions and supports the Little Buddy
  • Knows that Big Buddies, as teenagers and older Gators, carry a lot of automatic respect from younger swimmers. Little Buddies will be proud to be paired with Big Buddies and will look foward to spotting their faces in a crowded swim meet.
  • If the Big Buddy is unable to attend a certain meet, they are encouraged to find a sub and let the Little Buddy know about the change.
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