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Q & A as of 6/4/2021

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General Information Questions

  • Is there a place for swimmers to shower before getting in the pool?
    • Currently, due to Covid restrictions, we cannot use the showers at the pool.
  • How warm is the water?
    • The water is usually around 90℉. This is warm enough to be comfortable, but not too hot so that our swimmers don’t overheat during practices and meets.
  • Where is a link to the SafeSport/Covid Waiver? Who Needs to Complete it?
  • Kingsgate 5 Pool requires that all participants, families, and volunteers complete the Covid waiver.
  • Do I have to fill out the Covid waiver and SafeSport form if I am not planning on volunteering?
    • Yes! We need all family members to fill out this form in order for their swimmer to participate per Midlakes and Kingsgate 5 Pool rules.
  • Is Allie okay with kids doing both swim and another sport? This may mean practices are missed.
    • Yes! Allie too played many sports when she was younger and understands that you may need to miss practice due to a scheduling conflict.
    • Please remember to let our Team Parent, Kris, and Allie know why you are missing practice so that we know you are not sick.
  • Where is the entry location? Exit?
    • Please use the gate to the West of the Pool house door to enter the pool.
    • Please use the gate on the East side of the pool by the street to exit the pool. 
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    Swimsuit/Gear Questions

    • What is the store link?
    • What is the most important number in suit sizing?
      • A good rule of thumb is to look at the weight first, then height when looking at the sizing guide. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us and ask.
    • Team suit is optional, so is any speedo suit okay?
      • This year, Midlakes and Gators do not require a team suit. Yes, any competitive style swimwear is great. We find that the Speedo Endurance line (any style) holds up well to both chlorine and general wear and tear.
    • Are swim caps required? Can coaches tell kids to wear them?
      • Gator swim caps are only required during Meets. However, your swimmer’s hair may appreciate having a cap on (especially for those kids with longer hair) as chlorine dries it out a lot.
    • You have to order suits without trying them on, correct?
      • Unfortunately, due to Covid protocols, suits cannot be tried on before ordering from our team store. However, you can go to a local store and try on different sizes depending on their policies.
    • Are names on back of both sweatshirts?
      • If you want your name on the sweatshirts, it will only be on the back.
    • Does the team supply caps?
      • Yes, we will supply each swimmer with a latex Gator cap.
      • If you want a thicker, silicone cap, they can be ordered through the team store.
    • Will the store open again later in the season?
      • Sorry, the store will only once and closes May 27th. 
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    • Do swimmers need to come and leave in suits or can they change at the pool?
      • Yes. We do not have access to changing areas and showers at this time.
    • Do we need to let coaches know if we miss a practice?
      • We will have a form for families to fill out if they miss practice. This allows the Board to know if your swimmer missed due to a scheduling conflict or because of Covid symptoms/exposure/illness.
    • Practice rain or shine? What weather cancels practice?
      • Yes! Welcome to PNW summer swim season!
      • We only cancel practice if there is lightning and will send email communication if that occurs.
    • Will there be practice on the same days as meets?
      • Yes. Morning practices start on June 21st with our first meet being on June 22. Therefore, we are able to have practices in the mornings of meet days. However, Allie knows not to wear out your swimmer on meet days!
    • Why do we have 20 minute practices daily vs fewer practices for a longer time?
      • The youngest swimmers have a shorter swift time, but we have historically found that 20 minutes was an appropriate amount of time for this age group as they will get tired from practice and that is about as long as they can stay focused.
    • Can parents watch during practices on deck? From outside the pool fence area?
      • As long as we stay at or under our deck capacity allowance, parents can watch their child swim.
      • It will be difficult for you to watch your child from outside the fence as it is not an open fence and doorways do not give visible access to the pool.
      • Please remember to exit the pool area quickly once your swimmer is done so that the next group can enter and we can stay on time.
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    • What is a virtual meet?
      • A Virtual meet means that all swimmers from our pool will swim at our pool for all events each week. The team we swim against each week will do the same. We then compile the results of the two teams to determine who won each week for each event and overall.
    • If it’s a virtual “away” meet, are we still travelling?
      • All virtual meets will occur on Tuesday night at the Kingsgate 5 pool. Each team will have a virtual meet for the week and then we will combine all the results to post on the Midlakes website for families to view at the end of each week.
  • Do the Girls 8&U swim all of their event before the Boys 8&U?
    • Meet format always alternates between Girl and Boy events with Girl events always coming before Boy events.
      • Example: Notice in the example heat sheet below that Girl event/heats, like the 100 Yard Medly Relay, happen before the Boy event/heats of the same type of event.
  • This year, for virtual meets, we will have the younger swimmers swim all events before the older swimmers.
  • Do you have a suggested way to have the kids write their events/heats on their arm with a sharpie?
    • Great idea! Look to the older/experienced swimmers on our team. They usually write their Event #, Heat # for the event, and Lane # on their arm using a Sharpie. It looks something like this:
  • Will meets generally be in evenings?
    • Yes, meets always happen in the evenings. Our virtual meets will take place on Tuesday nights starting June 22.
    • If we can transition to dual meets, those will also occur in the evenings.
  • Where do swimmers wait between events?
    • Swimmers will stage for their event 1-2 events prior to when they swim.
    • Swimmers and Families will be able to wait in the grassy area below the pool (staying socially distanced) while waiting to stage.
    • *Remember, as Covid rules change, this too may change! We ask for patience and flexibility as we figure things out.
  • Can parents attend meets or just volunteers?
    • Yes! As long as we stay at or under our pool deck capacity allowance, you may accompany your swimmer on deck.
    • Please remember to quickly exit the pool deck once your swimmer has completed their event so that the next swimmers and parents can enter to keep meets running smoothly.
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    • How to sign up for volunteer positions? Official sign ups?
      • Once we have a better idea of what meets will look like, our Volunteer Coordinator, Sam Comstock, will send out an email to let you know when sign-ups open.
      • Only those that have been trained can officiate (please let us know if you are interested as another training may occur before the season start!).
        • Our Head Official, James Weinrod, will contact you directly once trained to determine the officials volunteer schedule.
  • Will we only volunteer at home meets?
    • Since we are planning on virtual meets, we will not have away meets to volunteer at. However, we may have volunteer times during practices, but this is TBD.
    • IF we get to transition to Dual Meets (with one home and one away meet per week), volunteers are needed from both teams to serve as timers and officials.
  • What does an official do?
    • Great question! There are a couple of different types of official jobs:
      • Stroke and Turn:
        • These officials walk along the pool deck and observe swimmers during meets to ensure they follow all swim stroke and turning rules. For instance, if a swimmer performs the breast stroke during a butterfly event, that swimmer would be disqualified for that event by the Stroke and Turn Official.
  • Starter:
    • This official monitors the swimmers at the start of each race to make sure each event and swimmer has an equitable start. You will recognise the Starter as they are the ones that start and end the race with a buzzer and use the whistle to let swimmers know to hop up on the blocks.
  • Relay Exchange:
    • These officials watch the swimmers during relays to make sure that all swimmer exchanges (one swimmer touches the wall before the next swimmer leaves the block) are fair.
  • Will more official trainings be offered?
    • The answer here is Maybe. If you would still like to be an official, but missed the official Midlakes training courses, please let us know! We can potentially coordinate trainings at our pool.
  • For family participation, is there a list of jobs on the website?
    • Once we know what jobs we will need and when, the Volunteer Coordinator, Sam Comstock, will post the jobs on our Gator website and notify families when they can sign up for positions.
  • Do timers need training?
    • Timers will be trained on deck before each meet by our Head Official. If you have any questions beforehand, please don’t hesitate to ask.
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