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Here are a list of participation positions and descriptions.

  • Timing: Using a stopwatch or mobile app to mark a swimmer’s time at both home and away meets.
  • Floater: This is a designated person who is available to help with issues as they arise during the meet. They will report to the Family Participation Coordinator at the start of the shift, but they could end up timing, staging, running errands, etc.
  • Set Up: Involves setting up barriers, setting up computer area, roping off areas, bleachers and other deck set up.
  • Staging: Helps to organize swimmers behind blocks before races.
  • Stroke & Turn Judge (requires training): Provides impartial judgment to determine if strokes are performed correctly.
  • Starter (requires training): Starts swimming events and ensures a fair race.
  • Announcer (requires training): Announces current swim event, those upcoming, and Meet announcements.
  • Awards: Attaches result labels to the back of ribbons in real time through the end of home meets.
  • Heat Winners: Hands out prizes to the winners of each heat.
  • Score Keeper (requires training): Runs the meet management software, helps ensure all data is consistent, generates appropriate reports, and finalizes results.
  • Clean up: Involves putting away barriers, covering the pool, cleaning up the pool surroundings.
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