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Here are a list of participation positions and descriptions.

  • Announcer (requires training): Announces current swim event, those upcoming, and Meet announcements. Is crucial to ensure timely meet. Requires training/shadowing.
  • Awards- Ribbon Label Application & Sorting, Ribbon Printer & Competing Team Ribbon Delivery: One to three days after meet, ribbon labels need to be printed and applied to corresponding ribbons (1st, 2nd, etc.). Once labeled, home ribbons are sorted into Gator swimmer folders and away ribbons are delivered or mailed to competing team within 7 days. Within 1 week of receiving competing teams ribbons, ribbons are sorted into Gator swimmer folders.
  • Battery Charger: Person responsible for picking up the batteries the night before and delivering them fully charged to the meet by 5:30pm.
  • Coach's Dinner: Takes food order from two home and two away coaches, waits in line for food trucks, may need to pay out of pocket if food trucks are cashless, and delivers food. If paying out of pocket, will need to turn in receipts for reimbursement. Times are just an estimate. Actual timing will be up to the coaches.
  • Document Printer: Documents are available by 3pm and need to be printed and delivered by 5pm for swim meet.
  • Floater: Designated person who is available to help with issues as they arise during the meet. They will report to the Meet Participation Coordinator at the start of the shift, but they could end up timing, staging, running errands, etc.
  • Heat Winners: Hands out prizes to the winners of each heat.
  • Officials- Referee, Starter, Relay Exchange Judge, Stroke & Turn Judge (requires training): Ensures that the swimming rules are enforced during the meet and to ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that all swimmers have uniform and fair competitive conditions. Starts swimming events and ensures a fair race. Provides impartial judgment to determine if relay exchanges are performed correctly. Provides impartial judgment to determine if strokes and turns are performed correctly.
  • Participation Sign-In Point of Contact and Floater Assigner: Individual who ensures all families participating in a meet are signed in, and if not, a Floater is assigned as substitute.
  • Pool Clean up: Involves putting away barriers, covering the pool, cleaning up the pool surroundings.
  • Pool Cleanup - Day After: Needs to start 8:00 am or earlier the day after the meet. Can start as early as 6:00 am. Sweep up trash day after the meet: pool deck, parking lot, sidewalk from corner to parking lot entrance. Pick up trash and lost items in the play area. Make sure to walk the perimeter of the play area to find everything that has fallen over the edge.
  • Pool Set Up: Involves setting up barriers, setting up computer area, roping off areas, bleachers and other deck set up.
  • Scorekeeper (requires training): Runs the meet management software, helps ensure all data is consistent, generates appropriate reports, and finalizes results.
  • Scorekeeper Assistant: Helps out the scorekeeper.
  • Timer: Times events during swim meet. Shift change happens by event. Timer meeting will begin at 5:45pm FOR BOTH SHIFTS.
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